We've raised $4.6m in funding

We've raised $4.6m in funding

Around an year ago, we announced seed funding. Today we are excited to announce that we've raised another round of funding.

We've raised 4.6m USD in a round led by Nexus Venture Partners. January Capital, Ratio Ventures, Better Capital and a bunch of  angel investors such as a Nicolas Dessaigne ( Co-founder at Algolia & group partner at YC ),  Rohith Salim ( Co-founder of Spotdraft ) and other angels from notable organizations participated in this round.


  • Our team grew from 10 members to 25 members.
  • Our GitHub repository grew from 5000 stars and 100 contributors to 17,000 stars and 300+ contributors.
  • Shipped features such as realtime multiplayer editing, installable datasource plugins, multi-page apps, support for Python, in-built no-code database (ToolJet DB), dozens of new integrations, added localisation support, and more!
  • Our Slack community grew from 230 members to 1,500 members.

Building a world class team!

We've built a small ( currently 25 members ) but a solid & awesome team that shipped a lot of insane features in a very short time. You can read more about what we've shipped during last one year here.

From our recent meetup.

What's next

We believe any piece of software that has access to sensitive data of an organisation or person should be open-source. We can now accelerate even more aggressively towards our mission of building a low-code internal tools ecosystem. We will be hiring more members to our engineering, product team and developer relations teams  to serve the needs our our amazing community better.

"As software has eaten the world, open source is eating software." - a16z said this in 2019. Open-source which was once started as a movement is now the centre and backbone of software development. Every technology company is now a consumer of open-source software. Tools and frameworks that has become integral part of software development evolved over years with the participation and feedback from open-source communities. Low-code development is an evolution of frameworks that are used for building web applications. Open-source again is going to be a key driver in this evolution.

Stay tuned for the product updates. There are more exciting announcements coming soon....as usual!