Announcing ToolJet 2.0

Announcing ToolJet 2.0

A lot of things has improved since we launched ToolJet 1.0 an year ago. Today we are excited to launch ToolJet 2.0!

We've officially launched on ProductHunt, click the image below to share your review and support us!

Before we jump into the new features. Here is how 2022 looked like for us:
- 200+ new contributors 🔥
- 10,000+ stars on GitHub 🤩
- 1,000s of new installations and signups.
- 1,000+ new members on our Slack community.
- 1,500+ PRs merged.

What changed since 1.0?

Obviously from the image above, the look and feel of ToolJet has changed significantly. We redesigned the dashboard, application builder and every single screen with heavy focus on user experience. Huge thanks to our community for all the feedbacks that helped us improve the user experience.

Redesigned dashboard and application builder
Frame 513441

We've completely revamped the user interface to make it easier to navigate and build applications faster. We added tons of features to the application builder since we've released 1.0 last year. This increased the complexity of the application builder. To keep everything simple, we made some significant changes to the editor.

ToolJet Database
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Now you don't have to bring your own data source to build applications on ToolJet. ToolJet now ships with an in-built no-code database. It is built on top of PostgreSQL - which means you can take advantage of the full potential of SQL as well. Documentation.

Multi-page applications
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One of the most awaited improvements! now you don't need workarounds to create multi-page applications using ToolJet.

Python support
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Along with JavaScript, you can also use Python code now! data transformations, custom business logic and even interacting with the UI components or queries can now be done using Python code.

Multi-player editing
We've added realtime multiplayer editing capabilities to ToolJet so that the changes from one developer will not override the changes from another developer while working together. You can even chat with the other developers using realtime comment feature.

More data sources
ToolJet now has more than 45 data source integrations. New ones include Mailgun, Amazon SES, Snowflake, Notion and many more.

Bring your own React components
We've added a bunch of new inbuilt UI components but we understand that sometimes you need more flexibility. Now you can import your own React components and use them within your ToolJet apps.

You can create multiple workspaces within same installation and have different set of users and SSO configuration for every workspace.

Workspace variables
You can now setup variables at workspace level. These variables can be accessed from the applications and are encrypted and stored securely in the database.

More SSO providers
ToolJet now has integrations with Okta, Google, GitHub, OpenID Connect and more.

With the help of our amazing community, we were able to translate ToolJet to more than 12 languages!

More tests
We've dedicated team members working on improving the Cypress test coverage of ToolJet.

And hundreds of other features and improvements. You can check out all the changes here:

Would love to know your feedback on ToolJet 2.o!

You can check out ToolJet 2.0 here:


What's next?

2.0 was a major milestone for us but we are not stopping there. We've already started working on major new features and improvements. Exciting new features are in development, stay tuned for the upcoming releases!