Hacktoberfest 2021

Hacktoberfest 2021

Hacktoberfest is a one-month event that encourages developers to contribute to the open-source projects that they love. At ToolJet, we are a very small team of developers, we built and launched ToolJet on Github 3 months ago. We now have more than 3500 stars on Github, thanks to the community. Within this short period of time, the community had helped us grow by contributing new features, fixing bugs, improving the documentation, helping us debug the bugs, and more.

Hacktoberfest is a wonderful opportunity for everyone to get involved in the community. It is the 8th edition of Hacktoberfest, the 2020 edition saw contributions from 150,000 contributors across 100,000 repositories.

With great opportunities comes great swag!
Every valid PR is eligible for ToolJet swag ( stickers, t-shirts, and more ). Additionally, we will select top contributors to receive special prizes.

1 valid PR - ToolJet stickers and t-shirt
3 valid PRs - ToolJet stickers, t-shirt, water bottle
4 valid PRs - ToolJet stickers, t-shirt, Hoodie, water bottle

More than 4 valid PRs? A surprise gift is waiting for you along with all the goodies!

How to contribute?

No matter how small or big the contributions, the community will welcome your efforts to collaborate. The contributions can be anything like fixing bugs, improving the documentation, or contributing a new feature, or even writing articles or creating videos about how to use ToolJet.

Not familiar with our codebase? no problem, we have tagged issues on Github with the label good first issue . You can view them here: Issues for newcomers. Additionally, we've added labels for the frontend (ReactJS) and backend (NestJS).

We do not tolerate spamming. If you're finding it difficult to contribute code, you can still help by reporting spam PRs, which are PRs created just for the sake of creating PRs. Spam PRs should be labeled as spam or invalid as per the guidelines of Hacktoberfest.


To set up ToolJet locally, follow this guide: https://docs.tooljet.io/docs/contributing-guide/setup/docker

Contributing guide: https://github.com/ToolJet/ToolJet/blob/develop/CONTRIBUTING.md

Hacktoberfest resources: https://hacktoberfest.digitalocean.com/resources

Where to get help during Hacktoberfest

a) We have a very active community on Slack. Feel free to join.
b) You can email us at hello@tooljet.io